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Product images created by a professional photographer make great content for advertising campaigns, social media, web banners and marketing emails, capturing the viewer’s attention and creating a desire for the product. Product photographers allow retailers and manufacturers to display their products in a themed environment, thereby playing an essential role in establishing their brand identity.


Considerable thought goes into creating the perfect environment for your product photography. Whether it’s simplistic, modern, rustic or elaborate – we assist our clients in designing sets to suit their brand and help tell their story. As seasoned product photographers, we identify a look, feel and tone for your product stage. Therefore, reinforcing your brand DNA.

Our network of in-house and professional photographers include:

Packshot Product Photographers

Are you looking for a professional photographer for your website and E-commerce? Look no further…

Product packshots are an essential part of E-commerce, digital and print catalogues, often determining a customer’s first impression of a product. Product photographers recommend multiple views, allowing the viewer to examine the product from all angles. This enables your customers to make buying decisions based on the images.

Factors such as scale, lighting, detail and colour accuracy all contribute to a professional packshot and takes product photographers years of experience to achieve consistency throughout an entire product range.

We offer on- and off location product photo shoots at our client’s convenience. All our image editing and retouching is done in-house. We calibrate all images to exact standards ensuring consistent colour, sharpness, brightness and proportions. 

Ghost Mannequin Product Photographers

Ghost Mannequin” or “Floating Mannequin” photography is immediately recognizable as a garment that appears to be suspended in mid-air. Product photographers consider this method the E-commerce photography standard and is used by many fashion brands across the globe. and has several benefits to the reseller.


The garment retains it’s shape while the white background allows the customer to focus solely on the garment. Eliminating the need for models, make-up, etc., this method is extremely cost-effective. Best of all, this even allows the professional photographer to captures your products remotely through the use of courier services.


We aim for perfection in our Ghost Mannequin photography, paying special attention to colour accuracy, consistency in brightness and clarity. This allows our clients to build up a catalogue of their product ranges over time, having peace of mind that their garments are advertised with absolute accuracy.

Before After Yellow ladies top ghost mannequin unedited Advertising Photographer Professional Photographer Midrand Johannesburg South AfricaYellow ladies top ghost mannequin edited for E-commerce Product Photographers Commercial Photographers Midrand Johannesburg South Africa

Image Retouching


The image editing process is key to creating professional product images and plays an essential role in maintaining the overall quality of your E-commerce site.


Once products have been photographed, the images are edited for their intended purpose. Backgrounds, mannequins and props are meticulously removed, inner areas of garments are added, blemishes are removed and shadows are simulated.


Images are then checked for colour accuracy, sharpened and file sizes optimized for web and mobile browsing.

Before After Blue ladies jeans ghost mannequin unedited Product Photographers Commercial Photographers Midrand Johannesburg South AfricaBlue ladies jeans ghost mannequin edited for E-commerce Advertising Photographer Professional Photographer Midrand Johannesburg South Africa

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