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Three ways commercial photographers impact online sales.

Is it true that we eat with our eyes, shop with our eyes… fall in love with our eyes? Having worked in the luxury jewellery industry for many years, I would say this is 100% true. What talents do commercial photographers possess that make you stop while scrolling your social media feed? What makes you react and engage? What makes you desire a luxurious pair of shoes?


According to a survey by Justuno, 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision. Let’s look at the ways a good commercial photographer can influence consumer behaviour…


1. Commercial photographers know how to grab our attention.

More people identify as visual thinkers than verbal thinkers. Yes, I am one of the 65% of visual thinkers in the world and I’ve always wondered what makes me look twice at an image or follow an article link. I quickly realised there is a distinct difference between attractive, well laid out content and original images vs. generic copy and stock images.


In a world where we are bombarded with marketing images, only the best stand out from the crowd. First impressions last, this is especially true for E-commerce and visual marketing. Unfortunately, very few clients will look at your product offering twice if your images aren’t well-presented and professional.


The main purpose of great marketing images is to capture the attention of the viewer. Once this is achieved, an emotion is sparked – a desire for your product must be created. In luxury industries, this is often achieved by appealing to the customer’s dreams and aspirations.


As commercial photographers and product stylists, Alter Image assists business owners through the entire image creation process – from concept to set design and editing. This allows small to medium sized businesses to create high quality content at competitive rates.


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Marketing image created for a local jeweller with model Abby Buhlez KaSiwela (photo credit: Alter Image Digital Media).

2. Multiple views increase online conversions.

Imagine you want to purchase a new Italian leather handbag from your favourite online store. You would like to see the inside of the bag and how many zips and compartments it has, right? It is surprising to see how many online resellers fail to update their product catalogues with multiple images depicting all aspects of their products.


While product pack shots may not be the most exciting form of product photography, they are an essential role of commercial photographers. Multiple views of your products are only part of the story. Consistent white backgrounds, accurate colours and great lighting are all factors that give your products professional edge and portray your products as accurately as possible.


Ultimately, your E-commerce site is your digital shopfront and you want to put your best foot forward. High quality product images is one of the first steps in achieving high quality E-commerce sites. 

3. Commercial photographers are experts in styling.

The ability to visualise and style products in different environments has several benefits in product and commercial photography.


Firstly, the ability to place a product in lifestyle settings is key to creating unique marketing images. Sometimes a minimal approach allows a product to stand out from it’s environment, but in other cases a natural setting is more appropriate. Secondly, photographing a product from an unusual angle or highlighting a unique feature of a product. This allows the viewer to look at a product in a way they never have before, thereby reinforcing a desire for the product.Thirdly, placing a product on a model can emulate an emotion in the user – appealing to the consumer’s impulsive side rather than rational decision making. 

Jewellery flat lay phoduct photograph by commercial photographers Alter Image

In conclusion

It is important to spend time considering the kind of images you would use on your website, the design thereof is critical to the overall look and feel of the website. It is recommended that you consider utilising professional commercial photographers that deliver consistent image sizes, backgrounds, quality editing and attractive well laid out content that is easy on the eye and tempting to the reader. The online marketplace is a very competitive environment and it is important that small business owners have the right information at their disposal to make informed decisions regarding the direction, strategy and marketing of their services/products.


Key Learnings:

• People are mostly visual – great images give you the edge!
• Engaging content – interesting articles/blogs that give valuable advice and useful information.

“Visual thinking, also called visual/spatial learning or picture thinking is the phenomenon of thinking through visual processing. Visual thinking has been described as seeing words as a series of pictures. It is common in approximately 60–65% of the general population.”

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    With fifteen years of marketing and sales experience in the fine jewellery and watch industries, Adriaan Botha’s eye for detail is second to none. Having developed and maintained several high-end E-commerce platforms in the luxury goods sector, E-commerce and digital marketing has become second nature to him.


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